E-Commerce Support services

By the help of the flexibility offered by computer networks and the availability of the Internet , E-commerce develops on traditional commerce . E-commerce creates new opportunities for performing profitable activities online. It promotes easier cooperation between different groups: businesses sharing information to improve customer relations; companies working together to design and build new products/services; or multinational company sharing information for a major marketing campaign.

Thus global eCommerce sales continue to increase, driven by strong consumer demand. Despite this, many ecommerce businesses find it challenging to manage increased product data volumes, ensure accuracy of their Commerce product data, deliver superior customer service and execute reverse logistics including aftermarket customer service and order fulfillment, during peak times.

These services and capabilities are a core part of a successful e-commerce program. They are either parts of a value chain or are included as supporting activities:

  • Buying and selling products and services
  • Providing customer service
  • Communicating within organizations
  • Collaborating with others
  • Gathering information (on competitors, and so forth)
  • Providing seller support
  • Publishing and distributing information
  • Providing software update and patches

E-commerce Services

  • Sales and purchase order processing
  • Forms and survey processing
  • Email management

Ecommerce outsourcing services

  • Sales and customer acquisition
  • Customer service
  • Debt collections
  • Technical support
  • Helpdesk services

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