How We Work

 ICARIAN is all about diversified IT Solutions and software development. Here we go through the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.

Clients brief

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Envisioning Ideas

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Ideation and Analysis

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Design and Development

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Product or Service Delivery

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Friendly Support

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About iCarian

We have been offering Fortune companies a full roster of high-quality, innovative end-to-end solutions. Our clients look to us for:

- Domain expertise in the Customer Interaction, Healthcare, and Publishing markets. We also provide services across a wide range of industries, including telecom back-end, government, information technology, media, not-for-profit organizations, retail, and E-publishing.
- Ability to effectively combine deep domain knowledge with our core capabilities to deliver high quality, single source solutions that provide cost efficiencies, scalability, and exceptional customer care.
- Business Process Outsourcing, IT enabled services, back office service, data processing, internet services, maintenance, support & service, enter into any collaboration, after sales, technical services and management, to carry on business as marketing consultants and technical consultants both in domestic & global marketing.

From our Quality to Yours Count on iCarian

for end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing Services, F&A BPO, Call Center and IT Outsourcing Services Imagine an outsourcing partner who takes care of your operational challenges, like a seamless extension of your own organization. Our outsourcing offering spans IT Services, Finance and Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing Services, Back Office BPO (Data Entry and Data Processing Services) , Call Center (Customer Service) Outsourcing, Healthcare BPO Services, E-commerce Support Services, Corporate Training, and Digital Marketing.

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iCarian Is Awesome

ICARIAN India is committed to continually improve the learning and development of clients and our services through appropriate initiatives, controls, provision of resources and involvement of employees.
Branding 60%
Ideation 60%
Development 70%
Design 80%
Support 90%

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Meet Our Team

All of our team members, trainers, developers and consultants have strong business backgrounds in multiple industries or domains, which is one of our key factor to success. This combination of in-depth experience, dependable practices, and client focus gives our staff the ability to deliver results, and also exceed expectations.

Abhishek Rajput

Promoter and founder of I Seven, Abhishek is a second-generation entrepreneur and is responsible for the strategic plans of the company, looking after marketing, identifying growth engines, and building new service offerings.

King Azam is an IT Consultant, Corporate Trainer and have a good knowledge about web designing and development.


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